Log #1

This looks like it’s going to be a story where a girl’s life is changed because a boy enters it and ends up romancing her in the most uncomfortable way possible and she end up losing all her senses (including common sense) I have read only 40 pages by the way.  This sucks.”

Some achieve greatness via hard-work but some have greatness thrust upon them. When that happens, it either becomes the deserving candidate for the piece of art that it maybe is or it becomes what you can call a hyperbole. Shatter me is that piece of art hyperbole.

It starts with a premise, you are led to believe that Juliette is a girl like philosopher’s stone. Except turning something into gold, she turns it to ashes or so what it implies from the synopsis. What she can do is beyond her control; her powers are left an enigma for the next book to uncover. But what does unfold in this book is her awkward romance with a boy Adam who becomes the hero of the story.  You can not care much about Juliette by the end because as it unravels *MAYBE SPOILERS* she is just a superficial pawn in a game bigger than her.

Using only three characters for the majority of the story seemed like ambling The Great Wall of China on a wheel-chair. It is awkwardly comfortable to go through but it have the uneasiness that you feel when someone is watching you with eyes which are filled with grief and sadness enough to make you cry for a million years and you want to punch that person or run him over with your wheel-chair.

Log #2

“I am trying to like Juliette, trust me, I really am.”

The first 180 pages are one of the most hormone filled romance you can ever possibly probably find. There are some metaphors which seems like the Ozone layer just teared apart and you are being showered with the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. And if you know about basic science, that is NOT good for your health, you can get skin cancer because of that. Well, this is more or less like that, a cancer that slowly takes up your body and starts to decay it until you are weak and vulnerable to other diseases and it grows, it grows with time and it gets worse.

“‘Juliette’. His voice hugs the letter in my name so softly I die 5 times in that second.”

Juliette reacts to normal situations in such exaggeration that it becomes unintentionally funny. Like the moment when teacher in your class says “don’t laugh” and that is when you have the most urgent desire to burst your mouth open and laugh in their face. Her reactions are almost unimaginable because she describes those simple situations with such complexity that you can not help but feel like she is suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorder, which she is not. But you can’t know that and it helps a lot if you think she is suffering from APD because it explains a lot of her feelings and makes much more sense than her burning romance.


(If you noticed weird metaphors or similes in my review, that is done on purpose to imitate what it felt like to read this book. Also if you saw some exaggerated views where I am being overly critical, that is done on purpose too, to complement what is done in this book itself. It can be annoying to some and that is the point. Most of it is true though.)

Shatter Me

No, seriously. Just shatter me and be done with it. I heard a lot of great things about this book. Ratings were really high and everyone seemed to love this book and I was hyped myself for this because of the synopsis of the story. What I uncovered was one of the most weird storytelling and use of metaphors in writing. 

The story was really slow and boring for the first 180 pages. Characters were limited and what was constantly happening was Juliette was being seduced into loving a guy who might have done everything he did because of selfish reasons. There is little happening and more explaining; that would have been fine if it had actually gave a little details of the dystopian world that the story takes place in. But what it was actually doing was making Juliette seem like a girl who is most likely to die of experiencing too many emotions when she is not suppose to. Her exaggerated and negative reaction to everything and her character is not the strong female it is suppose to be; it is rather naive and she experience almost zero character development until the end (except ‘she gets a boyfriend’). This makes you question “Why is she even the main character of the story?”

As far as I think and based on the critical reading of the later part of the story, it could have still been the same story that it is now. Juliette’s character does not do justice enough to justify it’s presence. And if you have read the later part of the story, you would know it to be true. The real hero of the story seems to be Adam. Juliette is ‘just there’, so Adam can have something to keep him busy while he is not doing what is relevant to the story.

One character that I did like from the moment I saw him is Warner

After the treacherous 180 pages, things pick up the pace at the speed of The Flash. A lot of chaos and confusion ensures which sets our heroes and villains for a two book story, up ahead. New characters are introduced. This is where things gets a little interesting because those characters have such witty and funny dialogues, it is a relieving break from all the oozing romance that was taking place before.  These characters were like the chips in a packet of Lays. When you first open a packet of Lays, what you get is oxygen for almost half of the packet and the real taste lies in the bottom half of that packet. Main characters were that air and side characters were that chips.

These side characters starts to fill up the gaps quickly and set things in loose-motion (no, not what you’re thinking) with an ending which makes it seem like the only reason this book was written was because Tahereh Mafi wanted you to gasp at the ending like you gasp when you see a book store filled with books which have a 100% discount tag written on them (free so to say). This just depends if you would actually gasp at that moment. I would and I did at the ending. It was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything from it; I gave up hope on the story and was waiting for it to be over and that is one of the reason that the ending was a surprise. Who doesn’t want free books anyway? 

I am in no hurry to read the second book in this trilogy because if it follows the same pattern as this one did (romance for half of the book and actual things happening in the remaining half) then I am not mentally ready to go through this treacherous phase. This story is like your favorite junk food. If you eat too much, it can make you sick but damn, you do like the taste of it.

“Reality slams into me like 200 pound of common sense.”


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