Guilty Alert!!! How many of us are readers guilty of buying a fat stack even when we have a shelf of books that we have not read? If your answer is No, then I say you’re flat out lying. But if you are guilty of buying more books than you actually read then continue reading because I think this post might prove to be useful to you.

The blame goes to all of those bookshops (especially Amazon, damn you Amazon) who consistently sell books on sale which triggers your bookworm senses and you end up buying the books which you never intended to buy in the first place. However, this can prove to be useful when you’re running low on books to read but not when you have a load of books that you haven’t touched since last year and is just gathering dust on your shelf. (Sorry, Career of Evil.)


I bought Career of Evil last year and still haven’t started it. YET!!!!


Note: Following tips are based on my experience with reading and buying more books than I read. I will, however, give some extra tips (that I haven’t used myself), to help you get rid of this beautiful habit.

  1. Don’t open book related sites. This tip is one of the most common things to do. DO NOT OPEN Amazon or any book related sites, because if you do, then you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself. So just try to refrain yourself from opening these websites and visiting bookstores.
  2. Start reading your older books. You have to get back to those old books sooner or later and if you get back to them sooner rather than later, then you wouldn’t feel an urge to buy more books because you would already have some books to read.
  3. Make yourself feel guilty. This tip is a tough one to apply. Try to make yourself feel guilty for buying those gorgeous books and not¬†reading them. If you can feel guilty enough, then you wouldn’t purchase books for quite some time.
  4. Stop reading. This tip can lead to two possibilities. You will end up buying more books in the end, or, ¬†you wouldn’t purchase books at all. Sometimes, it is important just to stop reading to give yourself some free time to do other stuff. This tip can also help you recover from reading slumps. But as I said, because of not reading for a degree of time, you might end up buying more books. CAUTION ADVISED!!
  5. Re-read. Sometimes, it is great to re-read your favorite books, not only can they re-invoke your love of books but they can also take up some time so you won’t have to buy new books just yet.
  6. E-books. If you’re an avid e-reader then buying ebooks is cheap. It can help you save some money since physical books are more expensive than ebooks; you’re craving to buy books will be satisfied, and you will save a few bucks. I don’t recommend this tip, though. You should only turn to this if you’re not able to control your book buying habits.

These are all the tips that I can give you to stop yourself from buying more books and stop trying to make some Guinness Book of World Record for ‘most books bought’. Reading is an essential part of our lives so we should not completely be isolated from buying books but we can limit this habit so that we don’t go broke.

I hope these tips can help you and if they do, share them with your friends who suffers from the same problem. Keep on reading!!!!


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