You might be wondering, what kind of name “Booksaficionado” is? Well, it is an apt one I can assure you of that. For those of you who don’t know what Aficionado means, it means, “a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.” Well, that’s Google’s definition anyway. For me, aficionado stands as an opportunity to share my love and help other people find this little corner of the world which is so common but yet so many people are aloof from it, yes ladies and gentleman, you guessed it right, Books!! Books hold a power to engross you into something which is much bigger than what some people take it for. Words have a substantial amount of power and if you ever read a book (if you won’t have, you wouldn’t even be here in the first place) you would know how significant it is and there is no better place to read wonderful and enchanting words than in novels.

So, we got one thing out of the way, we love books. And I love to talk about them. So on this blog, booksaficionado, I will talk about one thing and one thing only, BOOKS BOOKS and one other thing, BOOKS!!!!  I will review the books that I read and give my opinion on them and I will post other book related material as well. In return, I want you to give your humble opinion back and comment about your experiences with books. There is one important thing that I wish to achieve with this blog, to turn YOU (those of you who are not) into a book aficionado.

If you are a new reader and want to get into reading books before you jump to any other stuff, you can read my post on Why do I read and I hope it helps you get interested in reading.

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