February was a pretty busy and criminally thrilling month for me. I was occupied with University studies but I also read great books; four of them to be exact. (listed in order of reading)

#1 – The Bombyx Mori by Robert Galbraith – This was a pretty interesting read for me because after the average Cuckoo’s Calling, Robert Galbraith (totally new author, it’s just his second book *sarcasm intended*) fused a great story with memorable characters (not only main characters) in such a potent way that it kept me guessing at all times and the mystery that grew with each page was exciting and whenever it felt a little stretched, it was saved by maturing characters.

(If you want my review on it, The Silkworm Review)

#2 – The Graveyard Book By Neil Gaiman – As Silkworm was a stretched criminal case, it was evident that I won’t pick another crime book. So I picked up The Graveyard Book. It was such an pleasant surprise because I was expecting nothing from this book. I heard about Neil Gaiman before and about his books but I totally picked it up randomly after I saw this on sale; I liked the cover and I bought it. This is a young-adult mixed with ghosts and humor. I have never been a person who likes short stories because they end up too quickly before I can get into it but this is the book that changed it for me. In such a little time it told a story about growing up and the problems that we all have faced in our adolescence age. It was seeming normal in the beginning and I thought I won’t like it all that much but it turned out to be my ‘favorite’ book of February because I could relate to it so much and how it left me in emotion I thought this book wouldn’t even conceive in the first place.

(I will review this book soon)

#3 – And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie – I picked it up as soon as I got my hands on it because one of my friend was hyping me towards reading this book and it is Agatha Christie, who haven’t read Agatha Christie? huh, huh? Well, I didn’t too. That was before this. The story of this book really intrigued me because it was based off a poem, a poem (who does that now-a-days? NO ONE!! no one that I could think of anyway). I really enjoyed this book although the ending was a little ‘easy way out’ for me but I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Agatha Christie. Maybe she wrote a book on “Ba Ba Black-sheep”. Meh eh eh eh eh eh eh.

(You can check out my review here, And Then There Were None Review)

#4The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins – This book has been in buzz since quite a while now. It won best thriller of 2016 on Goodreads awards, and its premise seemed exciting, “You don’t know her, but she knows you”. It seemed creepy and absorbing at the same time and what was wrote on the back cover set it up like a supernatural thriller. Well, I was disappointed to say the least. Whatever sub-headings I read or the synopsis: it was all misleading. This book is a try at being Gone Girl all over again and it succeeds for the most part. It is written in same format, it have frustrated girls who doesn’t like their boyfriends or husbands and then there is some crime that happens and their lives are tangled up in this rehashed story. I was expecting a little bit of suspense but all I got was uninteresting characters which were as boring as staring at a wall (even that becomes interesting sometimes). I was surprised by the twist at the end though, maybe because by that time I gave up all the hope that I had from the story and I was reading it mindlessly, just wanting to get done with it. Everything about this book was misleading and uninteresting, this was just, Gone Girl on The Train.

Wrap Up: I read three crime & thriller and one YA novel. This was a one-sided month which I plan on changing. I will shift my focus over YA a little more and maybe read another crime novel (I am looking at you Robert Galbraith) but as you know, things never turn out to be the way you plan them, especially with new books popping up here and there all the time. I am determined though, lets see how long that lasts.


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